Blikprodukt Ltd. was founded on August the 1st 1991 as a follower, in legal terms, of the SZR “ Blik“ that was founded in 1984 in Novi Sad, Serbia. The company rounds up all segments of the flexible packaging production, which makes the creation and production of complete solutions in the packaging industry possible.

The main guideline concerning our business in the field of multilayer barrier foils since 1984 up until today is to satisfy the needs of local and foreign market. By using the latest generation machines, the raw materials provided by reputable world manufacturers and guided by professionals with several decades of experience, we can fulfill any request our clients make concerning the flexible barrier packaging.

No matter what we do, whether it’s something inside the company itself, or something for our clients, we do it guided by team spirit and friendly relationships. We achieve all of this by communicating openly and by nurturing trust between each other.
The trust relationship we build with our clients enables us to create high quality solutions.

Dedication without compromise is a key line connecting our products, services and production. Quality, innovations, and love we invest in our business in order to fulfill the demands of our Clients are properties that make our company a successful one.

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